ATtiny85 Snake Sport Is A Circuit Sandwich



If there’s any looming, unwritten rule of studying a programming language, it states that one should break within the syntax by printing Hiya, World! in some type or one other. If any such rule exists for sport programming on a brand new microcontroller, then it’s actually that thou shalt implement Snake.

That is [__cultsauce__]’s first foray away from Arduinoville, and though they did use one to program the ATtiny85, they realized lots alongside the way in which.

It doesn’t take a lot to conjure Snake with an ’85 — principally you want a display to play it on (an OLED on this case), some buttons to direct the snake towards the meals dot, a handful of passives, and an influence supply.

[__cultsauce__] began by programming the microcontroller after which examined every part on a breadboard, each of that are admirable actions. Then it was time to make this plywood and cork sandwich, which provides the point-to-point solder joints some respiratory room and retains them from getting crushed. Make sure to test it out in motion after the break, and seize the recordsdata from GitHub if you wish to allure your individual ‘tiny Snake.

There’s a ton you are able to do with this miniature microcontroller, and that features machine studying.