Elden Ring Gamers Love (And Hate) That Moonveil Katana Weapon



An Elden Ring screenshot depicting YouTuber AfroSenju XL's Tarnished sheathing their Moonveil katana in preparation for a quick iai strike.

Whether or not you prefer it or not, samurai are dominating Elden Ring. It’s a superb class, with some stable base stats and beginning gear that may see you thru the tip of the sport when you deal with them proper and stage them up. The uchigatana is an particularly wonderful newbie weapon, however there’s one other sword that has a rising fanbase singing its praises: the Moonveil katana.

The Moonveil seems very similar to the Rivers of Blood and uchigatana. That’s to say it’s styled like a katana, conventional Japanese-style curved blade and all. Getting it’s tough, although. You gotta defeat a large fire-breathing, sword-wielding salamander referred to as Magma Wyrm within the depths of Gael Tunnel, which is on the border of Limgrave. That’s a tricky struggle. Magma Wyrm is massive and the round area is small, so navigating it sucks. The digital camera may get caught in opposition to the wall when you’re not cautious, and Magma Wyrm has some assaults that kill you in a single hit. It’s an train in frustration.

When you handle to place an finish to the ferocious Magma Wyrm, although, you’ll rating a dragon coronary heart in addition to the coveted Moonveil. And let me inform you, this sword seems cool in motion! It’s a magic-based katana with excessive blood loss buildup and stable injury output that scales with Dexterity, Intelligence, and Energy. However what makes it so sought-after is its weapon ability: Transient Moonlight. Very like with the uchigatana’s weapon ability, holding the left shoulder button sheathes the blade in preparation for unleashing a fast strike, however on high of that devastating bodily assault, drawing drawing the Moonveil katana additionally launches a blue projectile wave. This provides your Tarnished a melee weapon that may play at vary.

Transient Moonlight is what makes the Moonveil lethal. Even after FromSoftware stealthily nerfed it in a latest patch, the katana nonetheless rapidly builds up the blood loss standing impact, hits onerous when upgraded, and shoots out a Vergil-from-SatanMightCry-style blade wave. In PvE, the weapon ability is a pleasant approach to get a couple of hits in whereas sustaining distance. In PvP, it’s a godsend. The ability lets you hold the stress on at shut vary and allows you to interrupt most casting animations at lengthy vary.

Being on the receiving finish is such a nuisance that there’s of us on either side of the blade. Some adore the Moonveil, saying it helped them kill a number of bosses and invaders again to again. Others name it damaged as a result of gamers spam Transient Moonlight too usually. There are even of us that apparently hate the Moonveil a lot, they named their Tarnished to convey this hatred to different gamers. Now that’s excessive.

I get it. Contending with a weapon that, right away, shoots out a high-damaging projectile have to be irritating in PvP. However on the similar time, as a religious katana consumer, I’m completely getting the Moonveil. It’s the type of weapon that evokes the otaku in me, letting me role-play my desires as a ronin like Rurouni Kenshin and even Elden Ring’s very personal samurai, the Bloody Finger Hunter Yura, as an alternative of some raggedy Tarnished. Now, if solely my ghost pups and I might kill that rattling Magma Wyrm…