Free Know-how for Academics: Chronicling America



Chronicling America is digitized newspaper archive hosted by the Library of Congress. The Chronicling America assortment accommodates thousands and thousands of copies of newspaper pages printed in the US between 1789 and 1963. You may search by means of the gathering in keeping with date, state during which the newspaper was revealed, and key phrase. You may learn, obtain, and print copies of any web page that you just discover within the Chronicling America assortment. In this quick video I present an indication of how you can discover newspapers within the Chronicling America assortment. 

The U.S. Information Map is predicated on the Chronicling America newspaper assortment hosted by the Library of Congress. If you search on the U.S. Information Map the outcomes of your search will probably be displayed on an interactive map. Clicking on a placemark the map will take you to an inventory of articles from newspapers within the space across the placemark. You may then choose an article from the listing and skim it on the Chronicling America web site the place it’s also possible to obtain a duplicate of the article. The U.S. Information Map will allow you to seek for articles revealed between 1789 and 1964.

In this quick video I present an indication of how you can use the U.S. Information Map to search out historic newspaper articles.

The Library of Congress hosted a web based convention for lecturers within the fall of 2016. One of many featured displays of that convention was Educating With Historic Newspapers. Chronicling America was featured within the presentation. You may watch the recording embedded under to learn to navigate the Chronicling America assortment and decide up some ideas for incorporating the newspapers into your observe.