Texture Map GCode Instantly In Blender With NozzleBoss



We’ve seen this funky twin disk polar printer already lately, however [Heinz Loepmeier] has been busy engaged on it, so right here’s an replace. The first focus right here is nozzleboss, a blender plugin which permits the floor textures of already sliced objects to be manipulated. The concept is to learn within the gcode for the thing, and convert it to an inside mesh illustration that blender wants with a view to perform. From there the specified textures will be utilized to the surfaces for subsequent levels to function upon. One trick that nozzleboss can do is to create weight maps to tweak the extrusion circulation price or print velocity worth in keeping with the pixel worth on the floor — such ‘velocity portray’ can produce some very refined floor results on beforehand featureless faces. One other

trick is to make use of the identical weight maps and easily map colors to blender textual content blocks that are injected into the gcode at export time. These gcode blocks can be utilized swap software heads or extruders, enabling mixing of a number of filament colors or sorts in the identical object.

Some good examples of such printing manipulation will be seen on [Heinz’s] instagram web page for the mission. So, going again to the {hardware} once more, the primary video embedded under exhibits the ‘twin disk polar printer’ fitted with a loopy five-extruders-into-one-nozzle mixing hotend setup, which must be able to full CMYK color mixing and a few. The second video under exhibits an fascinating by-product of the extensive horizontal movement vary of the machine, that the entire printing space will be shifted to a nozzle on the different finish of the gantry. This allows a novel option to change extruders, by simply transferring the entire mattress and print below the nozzle of curiosity! One ultimate statement — is that of the print floor — it does look relatively like they’re printing direct onto a slab of marble, which I feel is the primary time we’ve seen that.

Attention-grabbing printer designs are being labored on quite a bit as of late, right here’s a very nice 5-axis prusa i3 hack, and if you wish to keep within the cartesian world, however your desktop machine is simply too small, then you possibly can at all times supersize it.