YouTuber Beats Elden Ring As A Pacifist After 45 Hours



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Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

With of us continually on the prowl for hands-off methods in Elden Ring, it was solely a matter of time earlier than somebody found out methods to attain the tip of the sport with out preventing something in any respect.

In his newest video, Iron Pineapple—who runs a nice YouTube channel devoted to Souls and Souls-like video games—walked everybody by his try to beat Elden Ring as a pacifist. And whereas the playthrough ultimately will get fairly difficult because of involving each speedrun glitches and sensible construct synergies, Iron Pineapple by no means violated one easy rule: Do no direct harm to primary enemies and executives alike.

“I feel all the run took round 45 hours,” Iron Pineapple advised Kotaku by way of e mail. “More often than not was spent simply operating round and prepping, and I solely obtained caught on a couple of bosses.”

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Luckily for would-be Elden Ring pacifists on the market, the sport provides you all of the instruments it’s worthwhile to start your journey. Iron Pineapple began because the Prophet class for its therapeutic properties and selected the Fanged Imp Ashes as his bonus merchandise. See, his complete technique was to make use of the sport’s NPC summons and play as a form of help class. With the summons doing all of the harm, Iron Pineapple’s objective could be to buff and heal them accordingly.

As shown in the video below, Iron Pineapple’s ran into several dead ends, some of which led him down avenues that ultimately proved fruitless.

When the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Faram Azula gave even his leveled-up ashes trouble, for example, Iron Pineapple decided it was time to grab one of the best summons in the game, Black Knife Tiche. The only problem is that he would need to complete Ranni the Witch’s quest line to reach Tiche’s ashes. It wasn’t until jumping through its many hoops and reaching the boss that unlocked Tiche that Iron Pineapple realized he couldn’t summon help, preventing him from getting Tiche and rendering the entire detour pointless.

“I probably spent the most time on the Godskin Duo,” Iron Pineapple said. “For a while, I was convinced that if I just healed well enough and got lucky with attack patterns, I could do it. Of course, I eventually used the torch that inflicts sleep instead.”

Unsurprisingly, Iron Pineapple also used the Mimic Tear, which acts as a copy of your character and stands alone as one of the most versatile of Elden Ring’s summons even after its nerf within the 1.03 patch. Iron Pineapple spent a lot of his pacifist run specializing in different sources of injury, however when push got here to shove, it was exhausting to miss the power to craft a extremely personalized sidekick. As such, he resorted to utilizing the Mimic Tear to defeat lots of the troublesome, end-game bosses.

“I had a sense that the Mimic could be very robust from the beginning, so I made the aware choice to keep away from it for the sake of selection,” Iron Pineapple stated. “It was fairly enjoyable to showcase the totally different niches and strengths of among the summons within the sport and deal with the challenges like puzzles to unravel reasonably than simply successful by uncooked stats. So finally I used to be a bit disenchanted in how robust the Mimic nonetheless is even after the nerf.”

Iron Pineapple’s pacifist run is yet one more instance of the methods Elden Ring retains the strategic openness of its Souls predecessors. With professional information of the instruments, abilities, and assets at your disposal, it’s potential to beat the sport utilizing nearly each tactic within the e book. Certain, you would possibly hit a brick wall right here and there. Iron Pineapple certain did. But when there’s one lesson to remove from a standard Elden Ring playthrough, it’s that every part may be overcome with a bit stubbornness.